06/05/2009 After Bell Quick Summary

We have both SPX and VIX down on the day which means an up day on next Monday. But this setup was wrong twice recently, with soaring bond yield and US$ and lagging Semi and not so bull friendly seasonality, I wouldn’t read too much into this. Besides, for 7 gaps on the SPY chart and a very high open today, the Monday gap up, if any, is even more difficult to hold unless it opens right above today’s high which I think the chance is remote. So I guess, no hurry to long AH even if you truly believe the bellow SPX and VIX setup.


Both AAPL and GOOG are up 9 days in a row, bellow statistics from http://bespokeinvest.typepad.com/bespoke/2009/06/google-goog-apple-aapl-on-9day-winning-streaks.html, should be interesting to you.


Have a nice weekend!

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