While I’m updating my chart book, I found this chart: 7.1.3 Major Accumulation/Distribution Days. I have an interesting thought about this chart and like to share with you. It’s purely speculation, so just for fun only.


My theory about Major Distribution Day (I know lots of people call it 90% down day) is that a Major Distribution Day never comes along, so once the first one happens, there’ll be at least another one, unless a Major Accumulation Day kicks in, then the Major Distribution Day has to be recounted.

My theory about magic number three is, well, I found interestingly, the 3rd time usually is different.

Now look at the chart, we had 2 previous Major Distribution Day, both cancelled by a Major Accumulation Day thereafter. Now this is the 3rd time we have a Major Distribution Day, so my question is: Will the 3rd time be different?