OK, 14 straight up days for SPY, a new record. So how about tomorrow, another record day? Unfortunately I see no tricks today, so no idea about tomorrow.

Just some minor info maybe you want to know (Well, I know who cares) since I have no tricks to say.

Now SPY has 16 unfilled gaps (Low to last close) and COMPQ has 10 unfilled gaps (Low to last high), these are record numbers at least since the March 2009. Why mentioning these gaps? Because statistically 80% of those gaps (must >%1, low to last close) should be closed within 3 months and some of them are almost one year old.


The other one, I’m going to give more details tonight but I thought you might want to spend sometime to investigate by yourself first – The NYSE New 52-Week Highs reached a new high today which is the 5th record high in, well, all the “stockcharts.com history”.