I see 2 tricks, both pointing to a green Monday.

The day after a Major Distribution Day (NYSE Down Volume to NYSE Up Volume ratio >= 9) was green 30 out of 43 times (70%).


More than 80% chances a green day the next day when VIX rose more then 18% on a single day. (The back test summary below is just a few days old.)


I don’t know if you still believe very very bullish Monday which has been wrong for 2 consecutive weeks. I’ve mentioned this before: Historically, Monday had the tendency to CONSTANTLY either outperform or underperform for certain period of time. So we should be aware that maybe now it’s the time for Monday to CONSTANTLY underperform.


The bottom line, I have a reliable evidence arguing that at least SPX will have one lower close ahead, so no matter you think this is the end of the world or you should be greedy when others are in fear, let’s at least wait for the next Monday and most important of all, enjoy the weekend!