The bottom line, the short-term trend is up, I hold partial long position overnight.

As for tomorrow, I’ve got mixed signal. The only thing I’m sure is that it’s unlikely a huge up day (less than 1%).

Bull’s Camp:

When CPC <= 0.81, 44 out of 66 times (67%) a green day the next day.


One thing I’d like your attention though, the intraday CPC was once at 0.71 which was pretty bullish but by the end of the day, even the market closed almost at high of the day but the CPC shot up to 0.82 (fell to 0.81 in AH) which at least was not as bullish as early in the morning. I don’t remember I ever saw the same actions before, so have no idea on what it implies. Just thought you might want to know.


Bear’s Camp:

When NYADV > 2,600, slightly bearish biased the next day.


When TICK > 1,000, slightly bearish biased the next day or at least not up big the next day.