The bottom line, the short-term trend is up, I hold partial long position overnight not sure if it’s a good idea though.

No clue about tomorrow, but since the trend is still up and the general pattern of a top is reversal of reversal of reversal, so I’ll assume at least the yesterday highs will be retested?

One trick today, when both VIX and SPX closed in red, 29 out of 43 times (67%) recently a green day the next day. For fun only, mostly, if not never, I don’t trade based on such kind of tricks.


Demo account for short-term model, $200 max loss allowed per trade. Mechanical trading signal, for fun only.

TICKER Entry Date Entry Price Share Stop Loss Exit Date Exit Price Profit Comment
SSO 01/04/2011 $49.02 100 $47.65
SSO 12/30/2010 $48.02 100 $48.66 01/04/2011 $48.66 64.00  
SSO 12/30/2010 $48.02 100 $47.44 01/03/2011 $49.20 118.00 Partial profit.
SDS 12/30/2010 $23.88 400 $23.60 01/03/2011 $23.30 -232.00 Gap down, manual stop loss used.
SUM -50.00