10/11/2011 Trading Signals

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:


I have no idea about tomorrow, according to the TICK MA(3) chart shown last night, more like a red day though. And I have not so good news tonight, so stay tuned.

Cobra Impulse System initiated a long position today and officially switched into a buy mode.


SPY SYSTEM ENTRY STOP LOSS Current 2*ATR(10) value: SSO=11%; SDS=12%; UPRO=15%;SPXU=19%
Non-Stop *10/11 L N/A *Closed short opened on 09/23 and took long on 10/11.
Cobra Impulse *10/11 L 1.7*ATR(10) *Long initiated on 10/11.


  • Anonymous

    Great calls today Cobra! Well done as always ! 🙂 Looking forward to the not so good news for tonight. I REALLY CANNOT believe the bears are dead.

  • Anonymous


  • thanks

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, didn’t you say that last week, this week and next week are safe for bears? it’s looks like it’s not this way this time

    • The week hasn’t ended yet. Plus, it’s just statistically, still sometimes lower odds happens, so I might be wrong. 

      I don’t insist my judgement if apparently I’m wrong. For now bears still have hopes though.

      • Anonymous

        thanks, i am not trying to oppose your view, just trying to see if the odds are still for bears, as I am trying to adjust my positions, thanks!

        • I know, thanks. I just explain to you because some people comment me as never clear. So I’m now trying to be a little bit clear (well, frankly, I can never be clear, too difficult for me). And it’s not wrong to oppose me, by the way.

  • Anonymous

    hey cobra,

    again, great site, and i’ll be sad to see it go to paid…but it’s certain deserving.  🙂

    AA earnings disappointed and the EFSF vote didn’t pass the Slovak parliament.  it’s shaping up to be a red day, or at least morning, however i’m not ever convinced of the bearish side as it obviously takes far less for the bulls to discount bad fundamental news.

    i’m looking forward to tonight’s report supporting a potential bearish case as i have a few shorts i’m trapped in.  🙂

    keep up the good work,

    • What if, I really mean IF, I charge exceptionally low price. Would you consider joining me? I have to compensate my family for supporting me all those years for spending every minutes on the internet, so really I have no choice. What I’m doing now is trying my best to postpone the inevitable. I just hope maybe an exceptionally low price would minimize the damage to my site for changing into a fee based service.

      • Anonymous

        You might consider asking for voluntary donations.  It could be that you’ll generate more revenue that way than by charging an actual fee.

  • Anonymous

    thanks a lot.

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