You do not need signup to read my daily post

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No, you do not need signup to read my daily post as of now. In the future, yes, you may need, but definitely not now.

I see people get confused with registering here and registering at our intraday comment system. So here is a POST explaining every thing. Hope that could help.

Yes, I know it’s really inconvenient not integrating everything into one singe login ID, but as of the current stage, we’ll have to live with that because I have no fund to hire people to develop a completely new system that integrate everything together and I don’t want to pass the burden to all of you, my dear readers here. So let’s accept the reality as is now, after all, life never is perfect and we’ve been learning this for many many years…

Thanks for the understandings!

  • ShankyS

    Got your link changed – you can tweet images with twitgoo. I use it easily and it is nice to get a chart out to the masses in real time. Follow me and you will see usually daily I throw out a chart or two. Twitter is also a great way to reach a whole new audience. 

    ShankysTB Shanky @CobraMarketView you can tweet images via Twitgoo – Share your pictures on twitter

    • great, I’ll try that. 

      • ShankyS

        Another thing – I have been blessed as you know to have blogger as a backup – if something should happen to the new site mak sure everyone knows to go to the old blogger site. 

        Have a good one and best of luck. 

        • Yes, I’ve been thinking about backup plan. Everything on one dedicated sever is dangerous.

  • Anonymous

    If no big deal, can you provide in “Intraday Comment” section a way to select  comments made by a person, history type like (rather than scanning through all the pages)? Thanks!

    • I cannot do this now, may need buy a new software that can support this. I’ll do research, I think the feature you requested is very important.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the reply,  maybe Disqus can help you!

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