Trading Signals:

TZA buy stop trigged so TNA closed and TZA opened today.

The system will try to long gold tomorrow. Set DGP buy stop at $62.25, stop loss around $55.24.

And form today on, I’ll use 10 as the mini unit for how many shares to buy instead of 100 as the mini unit to avoid the TMF bad example. Because now the max TMF loss would be $1,367 instead of max $1,000 allowed which is too large. And this explains why you see the total TZA shares bought today is 180 instead of 200. I need control the loss more precisely to make sure every positions in the portfolio are equal, not, say, TMF risks $1,367, while DGP risks only $800, otherwise the so called “automatic hedge” are weighted in particular positions therefore not “neutral” enough.