11/28/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Well, glad I closed most of the TZA and DZZ last Friday. That proves, OCCASIONALLY I could be right Winking smile. And I desperately need a rule to allow me to sell UCO at the open this morning, such as a pyramid position dipped under water for a few days then suddenly one day saw sun is shinning, hey, come on, it’s the time to run! Well, without further statistics, guess for now I could do nothing about it just like that DGP trade which was a typical profit turn into loss, a huge loss.

The system will try to short gold tomorrow, set DZZ buy stop at $4.72, stop loss around $4.29.

The bond seems a buy dip setup, although the program missed 1 cent to confirm the setup but I think you’d like to know. Generally it’d be to set TMF buy stop at $71.60, stop loss around $60.74. Officially in this portfolio update, I’d count the setup not triggered though.


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