11/29/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Because the UCO daily bar low is above its entry price and since it’s a pyramid position,  so out all at close. In reality, you can always keep a little to bet a better exit. Just as I said before, statistically over 70%+ of the system’s winning positions are stopped out flat simply because of its “never allow a winner fall into a loser” policy, so it’s not a bad idea to out all whenever a breakeven stop loss could be set (as odds are very high it’d be stopped out flat anyway).

The system will try to long bond tomorrow. Set TMF buy stop at $71.16, stop loss around $60.96.

The system will try to short gold tomorrow. Set DZZ buy stop at $4.71, stop loss around $4.32.


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  • cobra, pls check your sell stop price on latest TMF trade

    • Sorry, what’s wrong?

  • TMF stop at 60.96 seems a little too far away, is that price correct?

    • It’s correct stop loss, nothing wrong. 🙂 The way I use for stop loss is to calculate the risk, the more risk the further away the stop loss so this effectively reduce the position size. You’ll say larger than this stop loss later, believe me.

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