DGP stopped out with huge loss again. Even this is merely a paper trade, I certainly have lost all the confidences in trading gold as all the past profits were simply lost on 2 bad gold trades.

Because DZZ daily bar low is above its entry price, so it’s time to set the breakeven stop loss. Although according to the new rule, I shouldn’t out half of the DZZ, but because of the DGP losses, I actually not sure how to handle this case in the future:

Holding both bullish and bearish fund on the same asset, and one side of the asset fund gets stopped out, do I need to hold the opposite fund or at least I should half out? Theoretically, I think I should hold instead of half out because I should let the winner run, shouldn’t I? Let’s remember this post, we’ll review this later.

Another emotional decision today was out UUP. By “Another” I mean the half out DZZ was more of an emotional decision too. Again, frustrated to see huge losses. In fact it’s not that bad though because the portfolio is just back where it began on 11/30, with this kind of up and down up and down market the portfolio itself is actually holding well, the “automatic hedge” worked exactly like I thought, so maybe I shouldn’t be this emotional? Well, time will tell. Usually any emotional decisions are bad decision.