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  • I don’t day trade, why do I need you tell me we’d have a higher high tomorrow?
    The market report is not for you only. We have above 50K absolutely unique IP visits here every month, each have their own time frame. So I’d try to cover all the time frame possible (sorry,  not long term for investors but I do have a simple long term strategy mentioned under Getting Started menu). You’re here as my guest, I bring all the dishes I have on the table, but it doesn’t mean you have to finish them all, just pick whatever you need. And ABSOLUTELY DO NOT TRY TO TELL ME THAT I SHOULDN’T HAVE BROUGHT UP THIS OR THAT DISH BECAUSE THAT’S NOT WHAT YOU WANT! Consider you really are invited to someone’s dinner, is it a proper manner you say something like this?
  • Since you're not sure of some info why bother to bring it out?
    Well, you know it’s really a tough job that I have to find something to say everyday, so don’t just come out and tell me that trend is up, don’t guess the top. Instead, just ask yourself, if I keep saying the same trend is up everyday without anything new, would you still come here reading my report? Again and again, report and trade are totally different things, I have to guess top or bottom in my report, but my trading signals are crystal clear, so you better make sure you know what you need here, trading signals, or some info that might or might not help you making your own decision.
  • And one more time, higher high is different than higher close and so is lower low different than lower close. We could see intraday high to fulfill my higher high call but still close in red and vice versa. Make sure you understand the term I use here. If you cannot distinguish between high, low and close, this market report may not be suitable for you, instead pay more attention to trading signals.
  • Here’s another example, since I usually give 2 or 3 next steps in advance, so as long as the very 1st step is mostly right, how the 2nd and 3rd step turn out to be, doesn’t matter. I really find it’s hard to understand why people simply skip my very 1st step, instead of focusing on the step 2?
  • Cobra,  I don’t post much at all, but wanted you to know that I think your efforts and information are amazing.  Do I use it all, no, but I take what I can use to match my style and skill level and try to maximize my trades.   

    Too many selfish people wanting to be spoonfed on their terms with no right to such an entitlement.  I know its worse at times like this when they want the market to fall and it is creaming them by rising.  Here is the thing though…they are talking about not needing all the info but in everything you post the one similarity is simply “follow the trend and don’t front run”  well if they follow that they’d have made lots of cash the past few weeks.  

    I thank you very much.

    • Yes, all people need to trade is “follow the trend and don’t front run”. Thanks for really reading into my posts.

  • Well said!!

  • Well said!  Thanks for all your hard work….

  • Anonymous


    Your work is excellent. As you would agree trading / investing involves emotion. People of all levels of tech knowledge visit this site and some get it some don’t. I would not change a bit what you are doing. I would even ask for more.
    Keep the candle light on for us, will ya?

    • Thanks, I won’t change the way I’m doing now. It took me 5 years to evolve into the current style, so there’s no way I’d change because of someone doesn’t like. I’ll continue evolving of course hopefully could make more and more people satisfied. 

  • Cobra,

    Completely agreed. You are one of the most (if not the most) comprehensive trading analysts that I read. You discuss what you are seeing on multiple timeframes, and this is to be commended.

    And the fact of the matter is the market doesn’t always say the same thing on all timeframes. With my trend system, I might have the Weekly be in a buy, with the Daily in a sell, with the 60 min in a buy and the 15 min in a sell. Markets are disjointed and always in flux. And what I like is you try to discuss what is happening in context on all those timeframes.

    So if somebody doesn’t have the patience (or ability) to understand what you are discussing in that context, then they just need to shut up. You are absolutely correct. We are guests at your dinner party. And I for one and very glad to be at the table. I also understand how disjointed the market is, and appreciate your complex approach. Whereas a newbie (or an impatient type) will say: just tell me when to buy and sell! And the real answer always is: It depends on your timeframe and risk tolerance. All us analysts can make observations. It is up to the reader to consider that info and then make a decision based on their own trading plans and comfort levels.

    Cobra, I give a huge props and a huge Thank You for all your work. It is very much appreciated.

    • Thanks. Really it’s touch to cover all time frame, but we all tried. You have a really good blog too, so keep up good work!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with you Cobra.  Your market commentary has been excellent and people should be aware that trading is a statistical risk game.  Never 100%.  Losing your shirt on 1 bad trade or call is not the responsibility of the blogger but to each individual trader in whatever time frame he/she trades.  Right, if Cobra was 100% correct he would be sitting on a beach somewhere.

    • Thanks. I wish I could 100% right. The funny things this time are even mostly I’m right but just some people would blame me anyway. I suspect they didn’t read my things at all.

  • Anonymous


    Nice post.  This is the price of getting popular unfortunately, you get eggheads in your audience. It became evident this was the path as a few months when traffic picked up one could notice more and more people almost demanding for you to explain every squiggle and then came the common misunderstanding of probability, which a newbie can only see as contradictory statements. 

    Anyway, you are doing a great job so thank you so much for all your hard work.  Remember you’ve put a lot of time and effort into being a student of the market, my guess is many of your readers have not.  Many people want to make money, few are willing to put in the time needed to do so consistently.

    • Thanks. Your observation is right, nowadays I get more and more questions to ask me to confirm and confirm. It’s extra work but it does remind me to write my report more carefully. Hopefully one day I could really find a balance. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    well and enough said! support Cobra!

  • denali92


    Need to join the people THANKING YOU!

    Your perspective is invaluable and people should recognize it for what it is – market perspective from a wise and diligent researcher and market analyst!

    Huge THANKS!


  • hater’s gonna hate..

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Cobra so much for your efforts and sharing your insights and technical analysis with us. Please do not let the trolls get to you! Relax and enjoy your Family and realize how many here always want the best for you!


    • Thanks, wish all the best to you too. 

  • dharry

    i also don’t post much but i cannot tell you how much i appreciate your insights, the information you provide, and the entertaining style of your postings.  please don’t let the idiots get to you.  all teh rest of us think you are the best!

  • dharry

    cobra, i love your site and the way you present information and also the range of data you provide.  please keep up the excellent work!

  • Anonymous

     This post brings me to tears.  I NEED you!.  Recently took charge of my portfolio.  Have read your marketviews for several years but NOW I need to UNDERSTAND you.   Very thick skulled English teacher, retired, that I am, I AM LEARNING here.  As an ex-tai chi student, big lesson is in Patience that a good student and guest should practice if the true desire is to learn from you.  As ex-zen student feel free to use stick for ‘wake-up’.  As practicing child of God I ask Blessings on you daily.    

    • Thanks, very well “Zen” style comment, I like it. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    who is the guy not nice to you? let’s ren2rou4 zhi1… hiahia:p

  • Anonymous

    PLEASE do not let a VERY small minority upset you, Cobra.  There are SOOOO many of us who very much value your wisdom, insight and guidance … and we make money on your strategies!  I just got home from vacation a few minutes ago and before I even unpacked, I turned on my computer to read Cobrasmarketview.  Honest!  Keep up the great work!!  Like many, I need you!!!

    • Wow, thanks. I believe what you said is true and I’m really flattered. I check my site the first thing whenever I sit in front of my computer too. 🙂 

  • Cobra,

    I don’t read your forum but I guess this post has come from issues that have arisen there.

    This is normal. I have a forum, 2 million page views, 106,000 posts. I get abuse for my work all of the time. I’ve been called a “trading plant”, i.e, some people accused me of being from a trading company in order to dupe them out of their money!

    My solution works differently to yours. I keep my blog and my forum separate. Anyone who doubts my work can look at the blog and see the trading results for themselves.

    It’s all part of being in the “public eye”. Your words get twisted, your calls get twisted and people expect you to be right all of the time forgetting that you are human like them and in the most part trying your best to help other retail traders make money from the markets.

    It just comes with the territory.

    • Thanks. That’s true. I have another bigger forum, I’ve met all kinds of unbelievable things. The Internet is interesting, no one knows who you really are so we see more true man nature from it. Sometimes it’s very annoying but it’s fantastic experiences. Sincerely wish your sites grow larger and larger!

  • Anonymous

    hi Cobra
    you did a great job here, don’t mind others.
    I appreciate your effort.
    thank you!!

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, you are helping countless numbers of people in the search of their personal trading grail.  Please keep up the good work and your clarification on this issue goes to prove that you really wanna help people understand.  Thank you again.

    • Thanks. 🙂 I do think it’s necessary to clarify these issues more often. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Your generousity is truly remarkable. You are sharing your valuable efforts for free. This is not your job, it is a gift to your readers.
    Your reports are more consistantly credible than ANYTHING that I have seen or read on business news channels, news letters or blogs.
    So, thank you for the information that you serve. Anyone who is looking for something that is not on your menu is free grab a snack
    elsewhere,  before or after sitting down at your table.
    (PRI from the intraday) 

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, I VERY MUCH appreciate what you do!  THANKS!!!

  • Paco Patiño

    Thank you very much for the information and analysis. I always learnsomething new. Contiued so, you are really good. Congratulations.

  • graciela c

    I am with you Cobra. Thank you for all your hard work

  • Mario Babini

    100% correct, you provide a great free service based on unbiased indicators for all interested parties 

    If the people complain and  dont’t understand the concepts, they better look elswhere or watch Cramer on CNBC so they don’t need to think for themselves

    • Yes, that’s what I wanted to say. I’m confident that my stuff is unique, but it involves some efforts to understand my stuff. Nothing is easy, otherwise everyone would be rich now.

  • Vincent Yu

    you did an amazing job!!! must say “Thank You!!!”

  • Cobra,

    This is only the second time I’m posting in your midst, as I generally do all my posting on the stockstobuy forum. But, like most of your other readers/followers, I just want to show my steadfast support. Seriously, you can ignore the tiny minority who misunderstand the purpose of your (unbelievably gracious, time consuming and most often accurate) efforts. Otherwise, I suppose you might continue to “coach them” by being the bigger person.

    I also want to thank most of your intraday contributors who offer up such thoughtful insights, which further help me solidify my own ideas and course. At the end of the day, our decisions are individual, tailored to our own finances, risk tolerance and game plan (factoring in best and worst case scenarios, as the market does whatever it does, independent of our “best guess” projections). But having an intelligent, conscientious community to bounce ideas off of is a real luxury.

    Unfortunately, a lowest common denominator will always exist, no matter how much we wish it would not. The fact is, anyone who expects trading to be easy, reducible to black and white answers and clairvoyance, is going to learn the hard way — as we all do — that it is precisely the opposite. The real art form is not market direction, but how we minimize our emotions and fine tune our personalized methodology.

    If some are incapable of comprehending this, then you probably should leave them to their demise, as part of your “evil plan”. 😉


    • Thanks, well said.  “The fact is, anyone who expects trading to be easy, reducible to black and white answers and clairvoyance, is going to learn the hard way — as we all do”, especially “we all do” part. Sometimes I see people get excited for a few good tradings and begin to disdain the others, I really wish I could let them know my experiences. Guess we all got the from a hard way, no one could an exception…

  • Anonymous

    Thans for the great work! I’m with you!

  • Welcome to my world.  It’s not easy being green, Kermit. Keep up the good work YP. 😉

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