10/27/2011 Portfolio Update

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Trading Signals:

The system will try to long IWM tomorrow, set TNA buy stop at $53.45, stop loss around $33.21. This is a pyramid position.

TMV order was filled at open today.


  • joe shi

    IWM is $76.38 ya

    • Sorry, I mean TNA. 

  • Jun Du

    HI Cobra, Great work. But I didn’t quite undernstand why TWV order was triggered this morning. In yesterday’s report, TWV was set to buy stop at 17.8. How come it was adjusted to 18.48? Thx

    • Anonymous

      Oh, I got it. thx

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, do you have a target price for spot gold?  My guess is 1770  will be big resistance because that’s where it started to gap down hard? I’d appreciate any input as I recently bought DGP as well and am keeping the stop tight. 

    • No, I don’t have. The research project is very preliminary. I haven’t figured out lots of issues, need run a year or two to detail everything.

      For now it’ll keep adding into the winning position until the very first loser then out everything. So, no, no target.

  • TwinTurboRX7

    Cobra, with Stop loss at $33.21. Isn’t it a bit too much loss before the stop triggered?

    • It’s not too much loss, don’t forget the risk amount is fixed which is 1,000, so the larger the stop loss, the smaller the shares bought.

      Very big stop loss in swing trade is necessary to prevent premature exit.

      And again this is research project, maybe later I’d use very small stop loss. I’m still thinking the way of stop loss now. No good solution yet.

  • Anonymous

    TNA today’s high 53.41, 4 cents to trigger, will this stop buy continue to work next week?

    • I’ll update no matter triggered or not. Just don’t follow, really.

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