We are on the new server now!

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:

Test, this is a test. We’re on the new server now. Will need a few more days to run and fine tune the MySQL settings. So far everything looks fine. Anyone sees strange things? If you see someone gave me billions of dollars because he loves my new site, that’s normal, not a bug. Winking smile Please make sure you report something really useful… Be right back

Test post images:


  • Anonymous

    everything seems fine so far! 
    congratulations! I know it has been hard work

  • test comment. testing testing…

  • Anonymous

    So far so good. 🙂


    • Anonymous

      Cobra, your tweets are showing the html entities (e.g. –). I don’t know if that’s a plugin you’re using or just a bad copy/paste, but thought you should know.

      • I have dash there on the first post, so nothing wrong here.

    • Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Cobra: good luck with your new site.

  • Anonymous

    by the looks of the image, I would not have guessed that visitors from Poland would be no.7.
    (btw: i spend more than 16min 17secs per visit.) Keep warm there

  • Anonymous


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  • Anonymous

    seems much faster now!

    ps: is there a mobile version of the website?

    • I use ipad, looks fine on it. Don’t have iPhone, so don’t what it looks like. 🙁

      • Anonymous

        on android phone, usually auto detects mobile version of website and automatically adjust to screen size and also adjust menu items. ie. wordpress website.
        don’t know about iphone, thought apple was for eating 🙂

        • I saw what’s going on on Android phone now. I may need some mobile theme, maybe that’d solve the problem.

  • Anonymous

    Jumped on the subscription before the server change, didnt know when Cobra would pull the plug on the freebies 
    Cobra, now that it will be paid membership (soon), you need to hit a 90% success rate on the calls, else we will send the women to pimp slap you LOL.
    You rock man

  • Anonymous

    Cobra – thanks so very for everything you do!  May new server bless all with nothing but bits and bytes of golden information!!

  • Al Dente

    testing….testing…..yup….still love you and your fancy new server.

  • Paco Patiño

    Great Cobra. Congratulations. An thank you for all your efforts.

  • No worry, I just restarted server on purpose to test startup settings…

  • good work Cobra


  • h erzschlagfinale

    thank you very much cobra. i have been visiting your site for over a year now and found it very helpful at serveral occasions. i thought you might be switching to subscription mode one day. and as i don’t want to have to go without your information i gladly grabbed the chance to donate these 10 bucks per month. i wish you a pleasant weekend.

    • Thanks. And yes, one day it’ll be fee based, I have no other choices. What I’m doing now is trying my best to postpone this inevitable. Thanks again! Have a great weekend! 

      • h erzschlagfinale

        honestly: 10 usd per month are a pittance anyway. it is more than fair of you to try it this way. i hope there are hundreds out there who realize what is at stake 😉

        • For 50K IP visits every month to this site, so far I don’t see many (less than 100) are willing to pay $10 a month. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t made an official donation announcement yet. After that I’d see the true story. Hopefully I won’t be disappointed then. 🙂

          Thanks again for considering my site as a true value. Really appreciate.

          • h erzschlagfinale

            you seem to be a very generous and humble person. this is what i appreciate in particular. i wish you the very best.

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