11/08/2011 Trading Signals

Cobra's Market View Private Messaging System shows:


Another impressive intraday reversal, but I’m still not convinced that bears are over. At least odds are high whatever up tomorrow would be erased the day after tomorrow and if tomorrow gap up and goes lower again, I won’t bet another Prime Minister to resign (to save the world) because the 3rd time is the charm.

Tomorrow is perhaps the most bullish day of the week, up 9 out of 13 since the August lows. No other weekdays (since the August lows) can match this record.


  • HighRev

    Everyone knows what I’ve been saying. Sorry for being so obnoxious.


    • Anonymous

      that is one nice looking chart…very colorful and symmetrical too…probably better off in an art museum than a trading forum!

  • uempel

    Shorted ES at the close, SPX 1275/77 is good resistance. I’m not expecting a huge dip tomorrow, but I doubt there will be an immediate push to the upside. Quite happy if it’s only a scalp.

    • uempel

      9 handles down and I cover (Wednesday 3.30 am)

  • Anonymous


  • uempel

    Bullish percentages: NYSE up 0.70%,  Compq up 0.61%, OEX and INDU flat, NDX up 5.88% (!), SPX up 1.62%%. 
    Here a look at the BPSPX chart:

  • Anonymous

    Cobra, I don’t understand the reason for closing the SSO long entered on 10/27. It did not hit your stop loss. Did you do it to keep the account long/short neutral?

    • Remember I said, it should be closed yesterday? See yesterday’s Trading Signals. 

      • Anonymous

        Thanks a lot!

        • Should have closed yesterday’s long but in order for the data looks neat, so I set to close the old position. The final result should be the same.

          • Anonymous

            I see, it does make more sense for you to close these positions yesterday …

  • cobra have you been following the RED … on your list on the right side saying he is expecting some crash tomorrow? has he been correct in anything ? seems  a bit…. too human . I know you marisians are better at reality !

    • No, I didn’t follow red. He used to comment a lot here, so when he opened his own site, put his link in my blogroll.

  • Anonymous

    With this huge down day and the Impulse System still in buy mode (unless it no longer is), does it look like it will buy the dip?

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