11/22/2011 Portfolio Update

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Well, bad decision for TMF half out. More often than not when you decide to override the rule, you’re wrong but then you decide to strictly follow the rule you’re wrong again, let’s see DZZ for example tomorrow, as I decide to strictly follow the rule this time, so I didn’t half out despite the stop loss is very close to the close price. The system lost huge on gold long, let’s see if it’d lose huge on gold short again, which if indeed, that’d be really interesting.

UCO buy order was filled today.


  • im long TMF since yesterday =]

  • Anonymous


    Was the adjustment of stop loss for DZZ based on the new rule? If I remember correctly, a stop loss wouldn’t be adjusted if it’s a down day, at least right after entry.

    • No such a rule, you remembered wrong.

  • So true, Cobra!  Trading is a tough game.  You are always wrong.  If you place a trade and it goes your way, you didn’t put enough on.  If the trade is a loss, well, then, you suck.  Hahaha

    • Couldn’t be more right: We’re always wrong, no matter what. Sometimes really feel frustrating.

    • Very true. You cannot look at possibilities ( if only i had bought at the bottom and sold at the top all my money, then i would have doubled/tripled – well nobody does ). It is simple – targets and SLs. When you are in a trend, trade 2x shares. When you even make a dollar profit, take ‘x’ out. It doesnt matter. And your SL can be only the gain you made with the first ‘x’. Keep doing this for years. Then maybe you will get rich. 

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